“Perfect Combination of Chocolate, White Cream, and Red Strawberry Jam”

   Sweet Choco pie is what you need when you need the power of sugar!

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If you are a fan of chocolate pies, then you need to go to the PNB Bakery for a taste of their unique spin on Korea’s favorite snack. This PNB Choco Pie is two delicious circles of nutty chocolate cake glued with strawberry jam and buttercream and then covered again with chocolate syrup. This Choco Pie is far superior to the standard mass-produced Choco Pies. Even if you might be full from endless meals in Jeonju, I am pretty sure there is always room for sweets!

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PNB is the oldest bakery in Jeonju, started in 1951. PNB has been on every corner of Jeonju streets, and I naively thought that PNB was a nationwide franchise.

I remember a time when one of my uncles visited Jeonju from Seoul, and he asked me why there were not any famous bakery franchises from Jeonju. I told him about PNB, and he said, “PNB is only in Jeonju!” That day, I was shocked as if I had been told Santa Clause didn’t exist. To Jeonju locals, PNB is used as a common noun for a bakery in this town. However, Choco Pie had not been the main product from the beginning. PNB has been popular for their own style of senbei (originally Japanese style cracker) with peanut flavor or ginger coating.

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PNB was right in the middle of the elementary school and my house. On my way back home from school, I stopped by PNB and bought a cream bun named “Half-moon,” which is filled with soft custard cream inside. This bun was my favorite. I ate it as a snack before piano class. Whenever I wanted something different for a day, I chose a Choco Pie. As a child, Choco Pie was bigger than my palm. And sweet chocolate was nicely mixed with savory nuts and plain white cream. I didn’t know that Choco Pie would get so popular as it is now. It feels weird that my old-time favorite snack has become everyone’s must-try sweet.

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For anyone who is a sugar lover, you will need a sugar break in the middle of this long food journey. Buy one Choco Pie and put it in your bag, so you can take it out whenever you are in a low sugar alert. If Choco Pie is too sweet for you, you can also try White Choco Pie or Senbei crackers.


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PNB (풍년제과):  PNB has many franchises in Jeonju but the one at the Hanok Village has the best Choco Pies.

(Opening: 08:30, Closing: 22:00, Tel: 063-288-7300, Address: 61-1, Eunhaeng-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Price: 1,200 won)