DSC00912Jeonju is the city for foodies. It is a perfect destination for those who want to experience various range of delicious foods. Famous especially as the place of taste, its native dishes and native foods such as Bibimbap and Kongnamul Gukbap remain strong today. Besides its native dishes, Jeonju has all kinds of unique street foods such as baked cheese stick, skewered octopus, shrimp dumpling, Bibimbap croquette, baguette burger.


DSC00900Many tourists visit Jeonju just to eat. The main purpose of their travel is to try as many as food they can. This new food travel trend is called Matjip tambang in Korean, which can translate to culinary pilgrimage. Like a religious pilgrimage, people stop by many well-known restaurants, eat all kinds of dishes, and experience the culinary culture of the city.

This website will introduce many famous Jeonju foods based on the growing trend of culinary pilgrimage by proposing a two-day travel in Jeonju with itinerary of suggested meals.